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At Marc Viau Mechanical We Know Air Conditioners

At Marc Viau Mechanical we understand your comfort needs are top priority and that everyone’s desires are different, which is why we’ve got you covered. Whether you want a new air conditioner or just need yours tuned up, we can serve all of your HVAC needs. Take a look at our air conditioning services below and find the right fit for your needs, then schedule an appointment so we can get you back to relaxing in no time.

Our AC repair professionals understand that your patience can wear thin quickly when the temperatures start rising. Your comfort is important, which is why provide after-hours service. Need an AC professional now? Call 613.932.8180 and we’ll be there in a flash.

AC Repair Service

AC repair doesn’t have to be a pain. Sure, you’re probably not in your happiest moment when you need us, but rest assured, we’re here to take care of any AC repair issue that arises. We’re certified to service all brands of air conditioners, so you know you’ll be getting the best AC repair in Cornwall.

New Air Conditioners

The time has come to finally take the next step to updating your home’s air conditioner. Upgrading your current system is actually more affordable than you may think, so why wait any longer? We’ve made it easy for you to schedule a FREE estimate too. Just fill in your information and we’ll work with you to make your home cool, energy efficient, and the most comfortable it has ever been.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

So you’ve got your thermostat programmed perfectly but you’re still not satisfied with your energy bill every month? Much like cars, AC maintenance is critical to ensure your home is running at maximum efficiency. We can customize a service plan to meet your exact AC maintenance need, in addition to your budget. Give us a call at 613.932.8180 or use our online schedule to set up an appointment to discuss the best product for your home or business.

Air Conditioners

We all like being comfortable. Keeping your home or place of business cool plays a large part in your comfort in the heat of the summer and we’re here to help ensure you uphold the level of comfort you want. Choosing one of our ENERGY STAR® qualified air conditioners will keep your home the perfect temperature while giving you a quiet and efficient system that helps reduce your carbon footprint at the same time..